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Drones For Kids

What is a drone? How does it work and it's hard to fly? We built a space to answer these questions, and allow anyone to experience the thrill of flying and driving a minidrone.
Three models for three levels of difficulty to learn, through play, the mechanics and electronics that drive a drone.

Drones For Kids


DiScienza is a non-profit organization that operates in the field of scientific communication with the objective to develop and spread knowledge of science and technology in dynamic and interactive mode.
DiScienza presents itself as point of reference for what concerns the scientific and technological dissemination. is constantly working to develop new activities related to robotics and open source technologies.
DiScienza has also participated in several science festivals throughout Italy and Europe, including the Science Festival of Genoa, Pisa and the Internet Festival Bilim Senligi in Bursa, Turkey.

  Drones for Kids - Drones for Kids

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