Exhibitors 2015

Bassorilievi 3D

The solution is made by using of a Roland printer designed to print on the plane by UV technology by colors which, through a modification applied by Slic3r, returns not only printing but 2D and 3D models in bas-relief. Managing the color library is able to generate slices of color or spot color. In addition, a Hardware specifically designed drives the movement of the table so as to move in synchrony on the Z equal to the "slices" printed. The resolution of the print head of 1440 DPI enables you to enjoy a great 3D model that can go beyond the "color" to register the model with white, glossy and full color.

Bassorilievi 3D

Roland DG

Giovanni Re , Sergio De Angelis , Roberto Ferri , Alessandro Ranellucci ,

  A7 - Roland DG

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