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SIMONE - Semantic Information Management: agent ONE

SIMONE - Semantic Information Management: agent ONE

Softlab and the University of Roma, Tor Vergata have traced a common path, triggered by a research project, on the application of NLP applications to the antromorphic human-computer interaction, as adopted in advanced front-ends in banking, touristic and cultural-heritage services. In the treatment of semantic aspects of the human-computer interaction, the need for accurate algorithms controlling the natura language interpretation process as well as the recognition of emotional states and expectations of the user is evident. The design of the underlying software agent has a crucial impact on a large set of business processes and the challenge of developing robust accurate and autnomous systems, fatally requires strong sinergies between the research and industry stakeholders.

In this contexts, the cooperation between Softlab and Reveal, the Tor Vergata University spin-off that develop and delivers linguistic engines and semantic technologies for advmaced document management, information retrieval and Opinion Analysis, has resulted in a joint effort to design SIMONE (Semantic Information Management: agent ONE), a technological and methodological framework that is highly innovative and surely commercially promising.

On the basis of a large brand promotion capabilities enabled by the two companies, and through the integration of scientific results and the software integration excellence already demonstrated by its inventors, SIMONE allows to integrate natural langage communication, automated reasoning, business analytics over autonomosly retrieved data as well as automaic rendering of antromorphic front-ends in complex systems for human-computer interaction. These support natural human macine interaction through voice. Thanks to SIMONE, the avatar Giulia has been designed to welcome and explain to visitors the spirit and contents of the ”Eleganza del Cibo”, an exhibition currently on at the Mercati di Traiano facility in Rome: Giulia will be hosted at the Maker Faire from October 16 to 18.

SIMONE - Semantic Information Management: agent ONE

SOFTLAB S.p.A. - Reveal s.r.l.

In 30 years of collaboration with major Customers, SOFTLAB has developed high expertise in business issues and processes regarding a wide range of commercial areas. The Company has a diverse experience in complex technical solutions and boasts a mosaic of skills that enable it to reach out to a highly demanding market. SOFTLAB, thanks to its highly professional employees, meets all the requirements to become a solid business partner, being constantly up-to-date with the most innovative and state of the art technologies. Growing competition due to the dynamic nature of the IT sector requires continuous training of human resources. SOFTLAB considers its employees a fundamental asset to invest in, and pays constant attention to developing their skills and expertise so as to enable them to anticipate changes in production processes.
SOFTLAB professionals combine IT skills and business expertise in different market sectors. SOFTLAB’s portfolio of technical skills includes all areas of vertically integrated activities in the different sectors of:

• Finance
• Insurance
• Central Public and Local Administration
• International Organizations
• Telecommunications
• Industry and Utilities
• Non-Profit and Non-Governmental
SOFTLAB’s offices are located in Rome, Milan, Palemmo, Naples, Padua and Ryad (Saudi Arabia).
Softlab offers innovative solutions in various areas of ICT : Application Management , Business Intelligence , CRM , Mobile , Knowledge Management, Electronic Money , Cross Media , etc. Research and Development Area focuses its activities on the study , development and application of new technologies, as well as on the evaluation of existing ones, on diverse areas such as Semantic Web, Ambient Assisted Living, Platforms for business networks, solutions for health, local government and smart mobility. Softlab is a Microsoft Gold Partner , IBM Business Partner and Oracle Gold Partner, and has different certifications processes
REVEAL s.r.l.
Reeval is a spin-off founded at the end of 2012 within the Uniersity of Roma, “Tor Vergata” targeted to the integration of intelligent technologies in advanced document management and Web-based systems, whereas accurate Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Information Retrieval are strictly needed.
Among the founders of Reveal there are professors, researchers and PhDs of the Engineering Faculty of Tor Vergata, with a large body of competencies in the area of NLP systems and their applicatiosn within Knowledge Acquisition from Texts and Aadvanced Document Management. Reveal delivers high-tech services for extract information, knowledge and opinions from textual sources, Web pages, blogs and social media. In different market areas, Reveal proposes products for the treatment and rationalization of document management workflows, for the recogntion of opinions of large customers communities and for the extaction of machine-readable information from semi-structured data. A distinguished aspect of the Reval market offer is the accuracy of its linguistic processors, that in turns guarantees high quality to the information flowing through the targeted integrated applications. Reveal develops adaptive applications by exploiting a large range of advanced machine learning algorithms that can be cost-effectively specialized to the different sources (such as the original and very compact kind of language, e.g. English, used by microblog users as in Twitter) as well as different target domains. The variety of semantic technologies exploited in support of the high interoperability in current Web systems and Service-oriented architectures has guaranteed to the Reveal products very fast prototyping of a large range of intelligent services, in complex domains, such as banking, security and system engineering.

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