Exhibitors 2015


Hands(H)ome would be an opensource and low cost alternative for the home management and household consumption monitoring. It is an accessible, simple and intuitive home automation interface, custom made for aged people or people with difficulties.

With Hands(H)ome it is possible to monitor electric consumption and production, heating and air conditioning and home environment lighting. It is also possible to manage the electric load, open or close motor powered doors and windows, monitor the security, make automatic emergency calls in case of gas leak, flooding, burglary.


Giorgia Sperandio

Giorgia Sperandio is a young maker, she has discovered Arduino, 3D-printing and the world of FabLabs during her working experience for the university, becoming so involved to decide to prepare her Bs thesis in a FabLab.

  P43 - ICTP Scientific FabLab (SciFabLab)

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