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Sapienza University - BabelNet & BabelTag
Sapienza University - BabelNet & BabelTag

Sapienza University - BabelNet & BabelTag

BabelNet is the largest multilingual encyclopedic dictionary created with AI algorithms. BabelNet contains 14 million entries, 272 languages, images, definitions and domain information; it is also a multilingual semantic network that can be graphically explored.
BabelTag is a video game with a purpose for smartphones, developed together with first-year computer science students, whose aim is to consolidate the linguistic knowledge in BabelNet. Thanks to gamification, BabelTag makes data gathering fun through a set of captivating mini games.

Sapienza University - BabelNet & BabelTag

Roberto Navigli & the Linguistic Computing Laboratory

Roberto Navigli is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science of the Sapienza University of Rome. He was awarded the Marco Cadoli 2007 AI*IA Prize for the best doctoral thesis in Artificial Intelligence and the Marco Somalvico 2013 AI*IA Prize for the best young researcher in AI. He is the recipient of a prestigious 1.3-million-euro ERC Starting Grant in the field of computational linguistics and of a Google Focused Research Award in Natural Language Understanding. His interests include gamification, large-scale knowledge acquisition, multilingual disambiguation, semantic networks and neural networks for Artificial Intelligence.

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