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Scan in a Box

Scan in a Box

With its almost 15 year experience in designing and producing Structured Light 3D Scanners and in programming their Software, Open Technologies Srl decided to create a device, affordable to any consumer, that would inherit the distinctive features of efficiency and originality of all its products.

Thus creating Scan in a Box!

Scan in a Box is the Structured Light 3D Scanner with the highest performance but within everyone's means. It has a mobile, adaptable structure and a simple configuration, useful to obtain quick high resolution scans. The combination of these scans recreates the chosen 3D model, visible from a 360° view.
Scan in a Box is the ideal starting point to satisfy a wide range of 3D Scanning market needs. It's the perfect tool for those who want to take their first steps into the 3D world, with particular attention to educational and academic applications. Moreover, it represents an efficient solution for expert users looking for professional results.

Scan in a Box
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