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A major player in the Information Technology industry, IBM has marked the 104-year anniversary of its founding in 2011. During its long history, the company has led progress in all areas of technology, from microprocessors to supercomputers, from server to software and services.

The company mission is to create business value for clients and solve business problems through innovation and integrated solutions that leverage information technology and deep knowledge of business processes.

IBM’s core differentiators are deep industry expertise, understanding of clients’ businesses, sustained investment in research and development, global reach. Also, the company leverages on a highly engaged, global workforce with deep technical and business skills, teamed with a strong ecosystem of partners.

IBM strategy

Innovation is at the core of IBM's strategy. The company is pursuing continuous transformation and always remixing to higher value its offerings, skills, operations and management practices.

In the last decade, in an industry characterized by a relentless cycle of innovation and commoditization, the company has shifted its business mix, exiting certain segments like PCs, hard disk drives, printing Systems, while increasing its presence in higher-value areas such as services, software and integrated solutions. As part of this shift, the company has acquired more than 140 companies since 2000, complementing and scaling its portfolio of products and offerings in the most advanced areas.

IBM’s strategy is to establish leadership in this new era of computing in order to deliver enhanced value, create new markets and engage new clients. To capture the opportunities arising from these trends, IBM is highly focused on key growth areas: Big Data and Business Analytics and Optimization, Social Business, Mobile, Cloud Computing and Security.

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