Exhibitors 2015



Instatwin is a new Millenium Portrait Platform for the realization and marketing of mini figurines from Body scanning. Exactly copy of yourself,3D printed in color resine or chalk in high resolution in scale 1:10. The result will be amazing and you can do a copy of you to show together with those of your family, children or friends. You can reserve a body scanning sitting through web on www.instatwin.it


Giangiacomo Prunotto

High School Degree
Master in General Management at Escp Europe
R&D at Photorec Spa
Marketing Manager at Photorec Spa
Marketing Manager at Rikorda Srl
Always fascinated and curiously of new digital tecnology I worked for 20 years in Photographic Industry. In 1998 I created the first software to send imagery to print workshops called "FotoTaxi" and developped e-commerce be to be get photo. Ceo & Founder of Rikordaonline.it I developped new services and products related to imagery business as gadgets, books, app. After 19 years I achieved my new start-up regarding 3D, called "Mistercloner" and new Platform called "Instatwin" the new millenium portrait 3D printed.


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