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Telesio 2.0
Telesio 2.0

Telesio 2.0

Telesio is a motorized support for cameras that allow the operator to perform shooting in Time-Lapse making a rotation of 360 °.
The project started with a first prototype, presented at the Arduino day. It was made by putting together pieces of an old printer and other electronic components. Some parts have been specially designed and manufactured with the technology of 3D printing. The new version has been implemented by inserting an “Arduino mini” inside a joypad and providing it with an LCD display and a stepper motor controller. Maneuvering the 2 analog joysticks of the joypad you can navigate through the menu, set modes and settings such as shutter speed, delay, direction, speed of rotation and other device parameters.

Telesio 2.0

Roberto Tino

Roberto Tino, born in 1986, began his career as a designer from he was a child. Curiosity on objects functioning leads him to break, take apart and reassemble everything he found around. This inclination has led him to a course of studies at the Faculty of Architecture "L. Quaroni" - “La Sapienza” where he graduated in Industrial Design in 2009 and in Product Design in 2012.
In 2010 he participates at the study program "Erasmus" in Lisbon for a period of 11 months. He continues his stay in Portugal the following year by establishing relationships with local companies.
Back in Rome, where he still lives, he works as a freelance in the field of design, architecture, robotics and photography. He collaborates with different realities, but at the same time undertake research studies.
In 2014 he was assistant at the Faculty of Architecture of Rome for different courses of Product Design and collaborates with the Faculty of Computer Engineering with which designs and makes robots prototypes.

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