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Dalla soffitta al laboratorio

Project work : "From the attic to the lab", created by IIS "C. Rosatelli .
It is about the reuse of old toys, that digital natives account as uninteresting, working for their technological restyling.
In this context, out of date toy car tracks are equipped with telemetry systems with the option of being connected to a PC for a real time monitoring of the toy cars’ performance parameters.
Old electric cars are driven remotely with disused, tablet or smartphone.
In the same way , a very popular game, "The cheerful surgeon", is enriched by a graphical interface to monitor the operations performed for fun by remote control.
The Electronics and Computer laboratories of IIS "C. Rosatelli of Rieti are operative in this project : here we handle not working or missing electronic hardware reconditioning , we can program the Arduino boards to create new features of old games and we can make graphical interfaces with Processing and other software.
If the end of this project is the reusing of old toys, there are even higher and long-term goals : the first one is to motivate our students to learn while having fun, bearing in mind that a more and more technological world must, however, point also and above to protect the environment.
The viewpoint of the project is, in fact, the reuse of objects which, otherwise, would end up in landfills. Then it aims at encouraging a spontaneous digital skills interest in children , which will be very important in their future education, starting from a familiar reality for them, that is the playful one .
At our booth students can experience the transformation of old toys personally and, if they want, enrich us with their proposals.
The project can also be seen from an economic assessment point of view because waste is avoided, old games are recycled, money is saved.
These are all useful ingredients in starting a startup.


Dalla soffitta al laboratorio

I.I.S. "C. Rosatelli" di Rieti

The group is composed of two professors and three students.
The professors teach electronics, automated systems and informatics; the students study automated systems at the thecnical institute.

  C23 - Dalla soffitta al laboratorio

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