Exhibitors 2015

3dprn-Lab X2 Mill

The only 3d printer to two independent axes combining the technique with the additive subtractive !!
This year, we present a printer 3D, we have filed the patent pending, since we are currently the only ones in the world to produce it, a printer with two independent axes; the first axis extrudes material and the other rectify the object. Besides getting a perfect finish (the object is completely smooth), the object will not have tolerances as it is adjusted by a spindle. This technique is different from traditional milling, as the object is not milled after printing, but is adjusted as it is printed the object to a certain number of layers defined in the software (of our production).

3dprn-Lab X2 Mill


3dprn is a brand company Tips S.r.l.
Tips S.r.l., since 4 year produces 3D printers with high technological content and for 20 years develops custom software.
The production of 3D printers is playing as well as developing software, we produce by Protek S.r.l. (group company) pantographs high precision.

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