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Ewe Filament Extruder
Ewe Filament Extruder

Ewe Filament Extruder

Ewe Filament Extruder is a tools that allows you to transform plastic pellets and other raw materials in plastic filament. The responsible use of materials used, is a key point of the product, which has the aim to bring innovation to the world of the makers. Ewe Filament Extruder is characterized by an automatic spooling system which allows the coil, after extrusion, to be arranged on the 3D printer. This tool is fully designed, manufactured and assembled in Italy and thought to be integrated into any setting, given the design nice and modern, unique of its kind.

Ewe Filament Extruder

Ewe Industries

"To realize a dream, you need to have a dream to be realized." And just from the dream of two young italian designers, born Ewe Industries. Francesco Cavallo and Davide Costa have behind them a degree in Industrial Design from the University of Rome "La Sapienza". The approach to the new technologies was the natural consequence to their studies. After an important training experience in the field of naval design, shared by both Francesco and Davide they decided to devote themselves to the study and development of products aimed at the makers and the world of 3D printing in general.

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