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Automazione e Ambiente

The project implements an automated system to monitor and optimize the garbage collection.
An Ultrasonic ranging module HC - SR04connected to Arduino Yun, allows this one to measure the filling level of the bin and send it to a remote server with a frequency of one measure every ten minutes.
The HC-SR04 is positioned on the top cover of the bin. If the bin is empty the distance measured is the maximum allowed. This distance decreases when garbage is introduced inside the bin. Arduino is inside a case fixed on the back of the bin. Power is provided by a small photovoltaic panel.
Data are sent through WI-FI ( we suppose that the area is served by a MAN) or through GSM. Our actual implementation of the project uses the WI-FI.
The remote server receives data form the bins and stores them into a database. A web interface shows data regarding the state of the bins in each area highlighting, with different colours, the most critical ones.
We are working to develop an application that, using data from database and through an optimization algorithm, is able to calculate and shows the best paths for the trucks assigned to the garbage collection.


Automazione e Ambiente

Classe IVA Istituto Tecnico Tecnologico Aldo Moro Passo Corese, Rieti

We are a group of pupils studying automation at school. This is our first project and we have worked hard to complete it by the end of this school year. This is our first attempt to take part to makerfaire but we have been there as guests last year. We are very proud of our idea and of its implementation so that we would like to exhibit it. Moreover we believe that this event could be a great opportunity for us to meet students with the same passion for automation.

  C18 - Automazione e Ambiente

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