Exhibitors 2015


What we decided to do is an economic version of the "Segway".
We totally built the veicle from zero, beginning from an alluminium chassis and a couple of scooter wheels.
We used two CC electric motors (300W each), controlled by a "Pololu WNH5019" and an "Arduino 1"
The stability control is made by a tiaxi accelerometer and a triax gyro; data are processed by an "Arduino Mega".
We also implemented a touchscreen display to check the speed and the level of charge of the battery.


Gruppo 4, ITS Meccatronico Vicenza

iWe are a group of six students, Ivan Benetton, Andrea Padovan, Andrea Pierobon, Luca Silvestrin, Federico Turetta and Matteo Vignaga, who are attending the second year of ITS Meccatronico in Vicenza.
Thank to the different types og school we come from, after two years of hard working, we finally realised a prototype of "Segway", and we would be very proud to show it at the next Maker Faire.

  C27 - ITS-Way

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