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PANDALI' - per andare
PANDALI' - per andare

PANDALI' - per andare

Pandalì is a place located in the heart of Rome, which gives the opportunity to capitalize on the experience of Cose dell’altro pane, his philosophy of food and the quality of the research pursued for 13 years. From Pandalì you can find a wide selection of sweet, savory, fresh, safe and high quality.
The commitment and the care taken in the selection of raw materials made it possible to create a virtuous chain in collaboration with Lazio a farm that provides certified flour, freshly ground, in kilometers 0 and superior organoleptic qualities. This allows Pandalì to always have corn flour, chick pea, buckwheat and millet. Pandalì personally oversaw the entire production cycle of these flours, from the field to the mill, and finally to the kitchen. The attention in the choice of raw materials and the commitment to obtain quality products always higher, allow to give life also to many lactose-free products, for intolerances, and as much as possible free of allergens, to meet the needs of the whole customers. From Pandalì you can also find vegan alternatives, for those who want to follow this philosophy of life. In addition products are limited starches giving preference to flour as well, less processed and more easily digestible. All the products are also gluten-free.
Pandalì tries each day to blend the values of craftsmanship with the research on combating intolerance, and this attempt born original products, healthy and above all ... .... good for everyone.
The deep respect for nature continues even outside the shop at any time of the day: people have the opportunity to take home our dishes, all rigorously in biodegradable containers.
Pandalì opened only a few months, but just enter the venue to capture the atmosphere and the mission that has been chosen: proud to see that people appreciate and confirms to us every day that we are going the right way.


PANDALI' - per andare

Maria Fermanelli

Maria Fermanelli, founder of the Cose dell’altro pane, is an entrepreneur in the food industry. His small firm has specialized in the production and distribution of fresh products for celiac sufferers with a daily production capacity of about 1,500 pieces and a clientele of 600 customers between pharmacies and specialty stores located throughout the country. A company able to combine creativity, innovation and social responsibility. From December 2014 Femanelli Maria gave birth to a new project, Pandali ', a shop in the center of Rome that produces handmade fresh gluten.
Describe the entrepreneurial journey of Mary Fermanelli it means telling an adventure professional on the move, in which the first latent, and then gradually more and more evident, went manifesting the gene entrepreneurship.
She has a degree in architecture, private practice for a long time before turning to managing the installation of repeaters for mobile telephone for multinationals. The Fermanelli developed their own personal journey and professional always looking for an idea / insight that could mark the beginning of an entrepreneurial self. Intuition, as often happens, comes "by chance", from that inexhaustible engine that is the experience of life but is tackled methodically, studying and monitoring market conditions and potential competition. All pieces of the puzzle are gone reassembled in a project that gradually over time has developed them. Cose dell’altro pane was this project. By the time the experience accumulated with Cose dell’altro pane pushed Maria Fermanelli overcome another limit, linked to the difficulty for the celiac to find fresh produce, bulk, good and certificate. The attempt to overcome this limit is called Pandalì.

  B13 - Pandalì - Consorzio Olivicoltori

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