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Open BioMedical Initiative

Open BioMedical Initiative

The Open BioMedical Initiative is a no profit Global initiative supporting the traditional Biomedical field engaged in the collaborative design and distribution of low cost, open source and 3D printable biomedical technologies, thanks to the work of a community of volunteers who collaborate through online platforms. Currently it works on three projects: a mechanical prosthesis (WIL), a myoelectric prosthesis (FABLE) and a neonatal incubator (BOB). It also follows a consistent editorial project to promote knowledge of the new technologies applied to the biomedical field.


Open BioMedical Initiative

Open Biomedical Initiative

Global initiative started in Italy in April 2014, now composed of members from all around the world engaged in the development of open source, low cost and 3D printable biomedical technologies. JOIN US!

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