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Romeo - Me & my Bowtie

3d printing meets fashion.
Formaliz3d presented his first collection of bowties, entirely molded in 3d
Characterized by their versatility for the young but also for women!
the beauty of a bow tie for every day, born to be unique, and to be weared with a dash of eccentricity;
if you have no time to lose to knot personally with his own hands, and your approach to this accessory is to have fun to create new looks, Formaliz3d offers you a chance to customize this accessory with texture mixing in total freedom in colors and patterns
ready to use, unique, colorful and customizable, ROMEO.

Romeo - Me & my Bowtie

Formaliz3d (Matteo Meraldi, Simone Colombo)

Born in Milan in 2014 from the mind of three industrial designer: Matteo Meraldi, Simone Colombo and Dario Sartori, who met during their studies at the European Institute of Design in Milan;
Formaliz3d is a trademark of Fare3d, a Milan-based company that deals with prototyping, sale of 3D printers and resale of products designed by artists and creative designers. The goal is to create and implement a limited series production of lamps, furnishings and accessories for the fashion industry using production virtuosos processes such as 3d printing and craftsmanship methods, maintaining a high value of Made in Italy.

Products are born from the meeting point between technology, design and attention to detail. The result of a production process that revolves around the 3d printing, these objects are created by craftsmen in Italy, one piece at a time, without waste, without stock.

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