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Gr-in House

Gr-in House

Gr-in House is an Arduino based greenhouse. The user is able to control, air humidity and air temperature, soil humidity, light brightness. The greenhouse also includes a water tank, a heating system and a fan system and a lighting system, all controlled with the Arduino board. With all this controls the greenhouse can maintain a stable system that can be applied to every kind of plant, in fact with the greenhouse will be provided some programs to grow the most part of the plants and an application to check and change the default programs or to set new programs for the plants that we want to grow. The product is designed to be green and eco-friendly and to have the least expanses with the best performances, and least but not last to be a wonderful design forniture.

Gr-in House

Gr-in Team

Gr-in team is a group of young makers born and developed in the Tuscan Hills at the FabLab Contea. We tried to involve as many specialized and smart people and it wasn't easy in a small reality like ours, finally we could build a team of 11 people specialized in different fields.

Guido Lippi, engineering student and co-founder of FabLab Contea, Hardware and Software development

Niccolò Casamenti, Economic Student , Economic-legal administration of the project.

Piero Fabiani, Geology student co-founder of FabLab Contea, Social Network administration and co-designer.

Maximiliano Ceni, Computer Science student , Hardware and Software development.

Tommaso Leoni, forniture designer, hardware prototyping.

Agostino Napolitano, Economic student, visual merchandiser for Sisal s.p.a, sales manager and marketing administrator.

Edoardo Macchione, Design Student at Laba fine arts university, Product Design.

Giacomo Falaschi, Design Student and Student at the M.I.T Fab Academy 2014/15, Harware Design and CC Consultant.

Bernardo Santoni, Engineering Student, wind engineering of the air flows.

Filippo Calabrese, Natural Science Student and web designing. Web Design and Software developer.
Lorenzo Brugnoni, programmer. Software developer.

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