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Baby Goldrake
Baby Goldrake

Baby Goldrake

The project brings pediatric robotics in the hospital. This is a highly innovative program because there is no similar use of NAO with children in hospital. NAO will be used before a painful treatment to mentally prepare the young patients and during their awaking after a surgery.
The target will be developed together with pediatric hospitals in Padua interested in this technological approach to the suffering in children. The first steps to learn robotic programs were made for the International NAO Challenge 2015 we won in May, 24, 2015

Baby Goldrake

Liceo S.S. "E.Fermi"

At our school Liceo S.S: E.Fermi we have now several student groups involved in robotic coding to participate to international challenges. They are:
2 teams for the "NAO Challenge 2015":
- "The Beginners": 5 students, Italian Champions 2015! (Bologna, May, 24, 2015)
- "Team EVE": 5 students
NAO followers: 10 students.
2 teams for "Zero Robotics 2015":
- "Sunday Programmers": 12 members from the 3rd to the 5th class (aged 16-18 years)
- "The Fermi Floating Team": 7 members from the 1st class to the 3rd (aged 14-16) (2nd place in Italian Championship 2015 !!)
A Group for "Zero Robotics 2016": 26 students from the 1st to the 4th class;
So, now, we have more than 40 students from 14 to 18 engaged in programming or in defining game strategies by math calculations or simulations; they work in presence and in remote connection. 

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