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Antonino Cotroneo @ WeMake
A digitally-fabricated tool for visually impaired people, teachers and pedagogists to help in the design of electronic circuits.

Giovanni Trapella
This project is designed for the safety and visibility of cyclists and motorcyclists . It 's made with two Arduino boards and two wireless modules . A board wit …

Sara Savian and Claudia Scarpa @ Wemake
Digital Fashion is a fashion design project that teaches you how to design, modify and adapt decorative patterns to different clothing designs. DF integrates cr …

Dr-Jack's Team
How it works Dr-Jack connects to all devices, such as smartphones and tablet and with any operating system (Android, iOS, etc.), through the headphone jack and …

Frank Andre
The Hacklace is an electronic trinket, which conveys your personal message in an individual and original way. The Arduino-compatible microcomputer has a luminou …

Team di makers del fablab InnovationGym: Stefano Antinori, Marco Contini, Andrea Belli,
System based on Arduino connected to four accelerometers placed on four limbs that send positive and negative accelerations to the board. That board decodes the …
  V3 - One Maker Band, la batteria indossabile

Roberta Ciusa Designer, Paolo Gusai Tecnico Elettronico @ Fab Lab Nu :Mario Arcadu Modellatore, Paolo Descortes Grafico,
Using common Fab Lab's tools , we have created a loom . Typical tool of Sardinian's craftsmanship reinterpreted, at the maker faire will be made ​†…

Alessandro Matera
What Tinys.it is an open source Touch 3D printed LED watch with Atmega328P microcontroller programmed with Arduino. 32 LEDs in circle shows the time. The solid …
  O13 - Fablab Catania

Ferdinando Perone
Ywatch is the first PHCD (PERSONAL HEALTH, SECURITY AND COMMUNICATION DEVICE). Based on Android OS, with integrated sensors and sim, Ywatch is able to continuou …
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