Exhibitors 2015

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Adam James Cavallari, Andrea Alessandi, Pietro Paolo Rimonti
bPhone U10: the first cellphone specifically designed for children and their parents. In today’s world, where technology is everywhere and communication tool …
  U30 - bPhone U10. Il primo telefonino di sicurezza pensato per te e per i tuoi bambini.

Andrea Sartori, Stefano Lascialfari, Massimo Cicorella, Livio Talozzi
Cubotto è un oggetto dal design ergonomico, che consente l’ utilizzo della videochiamata a persone che hanno difficoltà con la tecnologia digitale. Il sis …

Dr-Jack's Team
How it works Dr-Jack connects to all devices, such as smartphones and tablet and with any operating system (Android, iOS, etc.), through the headphone jack and …

Open Biomedical Initiative
The Open BioMedical Initiative is a no profit Global initiative supporting the traditional Biomedical field engaged in the collaborative design and distribution …

WASProject Team
Project related to self craft production
  A4 - Maker Economy

Giuseppe Finizia
Electronic instruments made with SBC cards and 3D printed accessories. It is proposed an EEPROM chips reader aimed to forensic examination of illegal electronic …
  P51 - Strumentazioni da laboratorio elettronico per investigazioni scientifiche

Wenda Team (Elia Rocco Ferrara, Mattia Nanetti, Antonio Catapano, Andrea Monterumisi, Guido Rossi)
WENDA has been specifically developed for wine bottles, as an expression of the most important and exclusive Food&Wine market and quality: Wenda Device, Wend …
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