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FieldEffect Labs
Armstrong Glove is an interactive glove that detects hand movements with 8 degrees of freedom: 3-axis accelerations, 3-axis rotations, and the movement of two f …

Luigi Francesco Cerfeda
Information technology evolves at a dizzying pace and is often complicated and stressful to control all the electronic devices that surround us. So, new User In …
  O4 - BESOS - Bio Engineering Systems for Open Society

Hugo Plácido da Silva
Out-of-the-box, BITalino includes easy to use software & hardware blocks with sensors for electrocardiography (ECG), electromyography (EMG), electrodermal activ …

I.I.S. "C. Rosatelli" di Rieti
Project work : "From the attic to the lab", created by IIS "C. Rosatelli . It is about the reuse of old toys, that digital natives account as uninteresting, …
  C23 - Dalla soffitta al laboratorio

D'arc.studio (Alessio Tommasetti Rosa Topputo) Maurizio Giovannoni Marco Serra
From the concept of digital design to real product in 3d printing The concept of beauty applied to the design of industrial products ranging from fashion desig …
  O2 - Estetica dalla moda alla prostetica

Anastasia Pistofidou
FAB TEXTILES questions the way fashion industry and education have transformed our life in prototypical and excessively accelerated manner. Inside a triggering …

Paolo Bertucci, Marco Pucci
Footsense is an application that uses Arduino in sport and therapeutic fields. The idea is to provide trainers and physicians with an instrument to analyse perf …

Luca Randazzo, Roberto Rossi
Hubotics is a low-cost wearable actuated exoskeleton for at-home elbow rehabilitation of motor disabled people. The project is addressed to patients who need co …

Tanned's Group
It presents the project of a robotic arm capable of reproducing the movements of a human limb. The movements of the human arm are detected by means of three acc …
  R6 - Hypertrophic Arm

Giancarlo Pellis
Three systems to determine the center of the knee are presented; the first based on the study of the trajectory of the leg in flexion-extension through a "robot …
  O6 - Il centro di rotazione del ginocchio

cristiano vanzolini, michele di berardino
The very first things a user look for - when in the metaverse - are his hands. This project aims to enable a full upper limb real time tracking for grasping obj …
  O1 - intentoVR dataglove - metaverse editor

I.T.T. "G.Marconi" Campobasso - M@P Group
In recent years (School year 2012/2013) inside the subject denominated Technology,Drawing and Design aimed to the production of a musical band completely robo …
  C7 - L'elettronica in musica - Chitarra robot

Giuseppe Airò Farulla, Andrea Bulgarelli, Laura Cappelletti, Marco Indaco, Ludovico O. Russo
The PARLOMA project aims at designing a system for remote communication between deafblind users. The system is able to transfer messages acting as a telephone, …
  O16 - Looqui

Fab Lab Toscana
After last year success for Be Brave, our courage measuring machine which won us a Maker of merit badge, we decided to tackle an even more difficult challenge: …

Eward Hage, Ernst de Bruijn, HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, The Netherlands
No fire, chemicals or dangerous materials. This frame is very sturdy and people will be hanging from it. It's able to easily bear the weight of multiple people, …

Eward Hage and Kevin Derksen of HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, The Netherlands
Para Parachute is a virtual reality parachute simulator. We combine the force between gaming and a physical installation. The concept: The concept is to levita …
  L7 - HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, The Netherlands

Stefano Corinaldesi
our filaments are all produced in Italy with grade polymers and mixtures we have developed and patented. Our PLA LAYER is totally different from the standard …
  O5 - Possibilità di stampare con stampanti FFF materiali tecnopolimeri, stampare plantari su misura

4° I, IIS-IT G.Marconi.
Innovation in teaching, the smart class is a class futuristic self-sufficient in terms of energy, that improves learning and distorts the stereotype of class cl …
  C20 - Smart Class 2.0

Paolo Perego, Stefano Lenzi, Sensibilab
The swimfit system can be located in the big area of sport devices. In general a sport devices is a tool that can help to assess if one or more training session …

IT Archimede - gruppo alunni di classi diverse
Many patients with ALS completely lose their ability to speak and to use their hands. ThinkIt can get them communicating and becoming more independent. A BCI de …
  C16 - Think-It

studenti del ITS Aerospazio/Meccatronica sede locale di Fossano
a simple mechanism to balance a ball with the "strength of sight" of the camera placed at one end
  C21 - visionary balance
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