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Ing. Stefano Graziosi
A.R.G.O. stands for "Robotic Assistant to an Ordinary Day". This is a medium-sized rover that, thanks to its considerable mechanical performance in terms of loa …
  R3 - Officine Robotiche

Sfera Labs
iono is a general-purpose, professional input/output DIN-rail module, CE compliant, based on a standard Arduino. iono allows you to use your Arduino programming …

Daniele Leandri
Il software di Pitturino consente di catturare le coordinate di colore (CMYK) di un punto di una foto o di una tavolozza. Tali coordinate sono successivamente i …
  V10 - Pitturino 1.0

Mohammed Uthman Farah
It is portable electronic device to check the quality and type of Milk, Edible Oil and Honey with in few seconds using spectroscopy properties of the material, …

giuseppe de lorenzo
Water is a very precious resource !!! Its use could be limited in a campsites or in a beach resort. Often the shower can be used in an irrational way wasting t …

Roberto Tino
Telesio is a motorized support for cameras that allow the operator to perform shooting in Time-Lapse making a rotation of 360 °. The project started with a fir …

Paolo Francesco Assaiante
Portable device, consisting of a thermal printing system, RFID reader writer, acquisition of voice commands, dispatcher for ibeacon, achieved through a single b …

Enrico Magnoni - Andrea Cassinis
System Quick hook to various accessories, such as attached to drone to turn it into a gimbal. With an "accessory handle" becomes a Steadycam,and much more.

Giuseppe Pesce e Chato Della Casa
The need for this alternative sampling system rose from the necessity to be able to capture water samples from superficial bodies of water that would be difficu …
  S4 - Wa.Sa.Dro. – Water Sampling Drone

Wenda Team (Elia Rocco Ferrara, Mattia Nanetti, Antonio Catapano, Andrea Monterumisi, Guido Rossi)
WENDA has been specifically developed for wine bottles, as an expression of the most important and exclusive Food&Wine market and quality: Wenda Device, Wend …
  B1 - Wenda -Expanding the wine experience-
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