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Watly is the first thermodynamic computer in the world powered by solar energy.
Watly purifies water from any source of contamination; it generates electricity off the grid and allows internet connectivity.
Watly is a fundamental pillar of the Energy_net, in which Internet fuses with water & electricity.
One standard unit of Watly can provide services to communities of up to 3000 but more connected units become an intelligent network.


Marco Antonio Attisani

Marco Antonio Attisani, interested in artificial intelligence, high tech, robotics, futurism, law of accelerating returns and of course renewable energy.
I am trying to create business models that could be soon run by AI. I am not interested in dealing with business models that in 10 years will simply be extinct.
Making money today by destroying the planet is not my business.
Considering that I might fail in changing the world, but confident that the world will save itself anyhow. It's just a question of time. With or without my contribution.
I believe in a world of abundance for all. I believe in human for what they still can become rather than what they are already.
There is a destiny for us as transcendent entities, that will give us the opportunity to rebuild what we have destroyed and possibly to make it even better.

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