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The CapCasc - Any Other Computer is Old!
The CapCasc - Any Other Computer is Old!

The CapCasc - Any Other Computer is Old!

The CapCasc Technology, is a new Computing Platform - based on Open Source HW and SW - which addresses 2 of the fundamental flaws of Current mainstream IT tecnology, achieving: 1. An unlimited and efficient support to real Parallel Computing - for all kind of Users, for an effective and efficient Scalability, fostering the development and adoption of really innovative - but resource demanding - softwares; 2. A complete Encapsulation for Software Objects, helping a wider practice
of real Software Reuse and Interoperability, and most of all rendering the Parallelization of existing Algorithms a trivial task.

The CapCasc - Any Other Computer is Old!

Andrea de Quagliatti

An IT Professional with 25 years of experience, he studied Software and Hardware Engineering at Roma's "La Sapienza" University. Passionate about Computer Science foundations, gained an end-to-end experience in all architectural levels of modern IT Platforms. He had a relevant role in international teams for the design and development of the Java JVM and Java OS (at IBM UK Java Technlogy Center), and Reuters 3000 (Reuters UK). Later, he designed and managed the development and deployment of a few Financial and Online Trading Platforms for Capitalia, Fineco, Unicredit, etc. Also had experience in the security sector and in lower level HW and SW programming for TLC Companies.

  C37 (pav. 7) - Andrea de Quagliatti

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