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feasibility study.
daily to have healthy foods is today a privilege reserved for those who have a garden and grow without pesticides away from contaminants, is difficult to access by people living in small apartments of the most populated areas of the planet.
This project aims to offer to anyone, anywhere, sustainable ability to grow different cooking quality of vegetable in the space of a small library.
Biopile is a growth of cells controlled system for organic crops in the house.
And 'modular, elegant and quiet, it has independent incubation of seeds and the growth of plants in a controlled micro-pristine and protected system.
Oxygenates, filters and constantly renews the air of indoor environments in which it is installed.
Communicates via an App for Smartphone data on temperature, humidity, the crop in the cells state of health, air quality and the presence of harmful gases.
Technical information.
It consists of two elements, a base module that contains a reserve of water, the fans, the filters for the air, the drainage pumps and the electronic switchboard to which are added to the top of the cells, in a variable number 1 to 4 containing the tanks / greenhouse, the illumination, the bio-metric sensors and a system of contacts and connection pipes.
Goals StartUp.
The phase of the first prototype design has just terminated, the purpose of this introductory report is to explain in a simple and generic biopile the project, its reference sector and the basic components of the operating principle.
The next phase will involve a more refined technical design of mechanical and electronic equipment components now under analysis to arrive in the coming months the construction of the first prototype and subsequent natural growth test.


Simone Cardillo - Lorenzo Conti - Jacopo Spiridigliozzi - Bruno D'Amata - Alessandro Del Signore - Fulvio Socia

SIMONE CAUDILLO C.E.O. 31, Born in Italy, Studied Architecture and Design in Rome, addicted in 3d modeling, model making and technologic systems development

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