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Augmenta - VRSEUM
Augmenta - VRSEUM

Augmenta - VRSEUM

VRSEUM is an integrated platform for virtual reality, composed of frontend and backend for content management. It allows management of virtual museums, navigable 360°, with a complete autonomy of content management, light design and descriptive captions.

The web app allows users to upload independently graphic content and digital sculptures in 3D and so create a museum environment explorable and customized. The points of light are customizable by the user. VRSEUM is developed for Oculus Rift + joystick of Xbox or keys WASD / arrows. The access to the platform is offered to public administration, museums, galleries and privates.

Augmenta - VRSEUM

Piero Feltrinelli, Augmenta Srl

Piero Feltrinelli è un copywriter specializzato sul digital e su strategie Seo / Sem. Da 8 anni si occupa di realtà aumentata e virtuale a 360° come imprenditore.

  B30 (pav. 7) - Augmenta Srl

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