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La Fulgor

La Fulgor

La Fulgor is a stand-alone architectural lamp suitable for composing horizontal and vertical façade systems. Each module is joinable, repeatable and embeddable in structures of any type.
La Fulgor never stops working: during the daytime it filters the natural light while it accumulates electricity locally using transparent solar technology LSC. During the night it lights up thanks to the energy stored, without the need to connect to the network.
La Fulgor can be installed in any urban context, even where a network is not available thanks to its fully autonomous operation.

La Fulgor

PoPlab + John Volpato

PoPlab – Performance Oriented Prototyping Fabrication Laboratory – is a sustainability-oriented Fabrication Laboratory for architecture and design.
It has been founded by a multidisciplinary team of experts who are working together since several years following a parametric methodology (PED© - Parametric Environmental Design).
PoPlab attends digital manufacturing, post-graduate master, company technical advice – expecially concerning architecture industry.
PoPlab is also a FabLab which gives hospitality and support to everyone wants to transform an idea into a creation and learn how to build (almost) everything.
PoPlab is a innovative startup inspired by a social inclination.
Into Poplab, Parametric Environmental Design meets CNC machines for fabrication and manufacturing.
Digital and constructive benches work side by side developing a complete planning process concerning virtual model – optimization test – prototype.
The aim of each research project is to obtain better performances using less economic and environmental resources as possible.
In the specific case of buildings the goal is the NZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Building).
Each project is focused on inhabitants comfort, their interaction with the environment, usability degree/level.
PoPlab is addressed to:
- Architecture and design experts who want to improve their planning method and comprehend new planning tools (instruments, skills).
- Construction companies and enterprises involved in innovation and environmental, economic and social soustainability.
- Citizens, students, children who want to discover a new world and learn making.

John Volpato is an artist and designer responsible for the creation of environments, works and objects in which technology is often used as the bridge between the parts.
Since graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice in the field of New Technologies for the Arts, New Media, he has expanded his reach by joining research with design and artistic practice.
He began his experience working in Venice with his friend, designer Tom Kelley, and thereafter operated in editorial graphics, web design, packaging design, human/machine interfaces, interaction design and design of multimedia installations for temporary exhibitions and permanent spaces, working with firms and organizations including Cipriani, the Querini Stampalia Foundation and the Venice Biennale.
At the same time he has also been involved in educational activities, teaching at first courses about digital audio, video editing and digital photography and then seminars and presentations regarding the role of interaction design within museums and exhibition layouts.
The primary purpose of his research and work is the synthesis of artistic language, technology, culture and product.

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