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Elettroevoluzione - Audio Design
Elettroevoluzione - Audio Design

Elettroevoluzione - Audio Design

Elettroevoluzione is an experiment of refunctionalization that comes from the reuse and the recovery concept to donate a new life to these household appliances design electronically obsolete.
Our creations bring to life the most evocative pieces from the past that evolved in fascinating radios and turntables.
This is an experiment because the new function, that respects the sizes of the model, is for the first time conceptually connected with the old household appliance use, so you must use the radio like a grinder, like an iron or like an electric razor.

Elettroevoluzione - Audio Design

Marco Lattanzi Antinori, Emiliano Diaferia

Marco Lattanzi Antinori was born in Rome in December 7th, 1983.
He works as social media manager.
Emiliano Diaferia was born in Rome on February 24th, 1983.
He works as physiotherapist.
Both are design and vintage lovers.

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