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Plotter Verticale
Plotter Verticale

Plotter Verticale

My project is a vertical plotter, a drawing machine based on Arduino and Raspberry Pi, carefully calibrated to draw with precision on very big areas.

The main feature of the plotter - as per spectators' feedback - is to be sort of "magical". The magic touch is obtained by keeping clean and minimalistic the whole setup.

A big wall of 4m x 4m (13ft x 13ft) will be set up in collaboration with Spheragroup s.r.l. A number of different graphics will be drawn in the three days of the Faire.

Plotter Verticale

Antonio Ianiero

Antonio Ianiero (iant), engineer, co-founder of the Unterwelt makerspace in Rome (www.unterwelt.it).
My interests span from Mathemathics to Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, and thanks to Arduino I'm profoundly involved in Electronics and Physical Computing. I am a member of formaScienza, an association active in Rome in the field of Science Communication. Since 2012 I am working on the development of the Vertical Plotter, whose progresses has been shown in the three former editions of the Maker Faire Rome.

  C1 (pav. 8) - Antonio Ianiero

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