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Dispositivo salvavita di emergenza Quake Saver

Dispositivo salvavita di emergenza Quake Saver

The Quake Saver device (in short QS) stems from a brilliant idea by LF System Italia S.r.l.s. (in short LF)'s CEO, Luca Fallaolita. His idea is now been turned into reality.
LF has developed an emergency mechanism which prevents doors from getting stuck and guarantees the automatic opening of the doors, offering to those caught a clear and easy escape route in the event of natural disasters.
The creation of this innovative device was made possible by the collaboration between highly competent and experienced engineers in the field of building safety and the Faculty of Civil Engineering of L'Aquila University.
QS 's obvious implementation is therefore in the field of building safety (entry ways, doorways, doors) and its aim is to guarantee people' safety.
Today more than ever we feel the need to introduce a life-saving device to the global market; a mechanism which in the event of disastrous events will make a big difference in terms of protecting lives.
Thanks to its unique inclined technology, QS is the only patented device in the world which prevents structural failure events from blocking doors, therefore allowing them to open normally.
The business plan that LF intends to pursue is the production and marketing of the QS device. The tests have shown that the mechanism has enormous potential as it works very well, it's inexpensive, easy to install and can be mounted on pre-existing doors.
The core business will be the makers of doors and locks; in the case of pre-existing doors there will be a number of trained and certified installers throughout the country. These engineers will also service and maintain the devices, including upgrading the internal microchip.


Dispositivo salvavita di emergenza Quake Saver

Luca Fallaolita

Luca Fallaolita - CEO & Founder
Entrepreneur with over ten years experience in the construction industry, safety and innovation. He has made the design and industrialization of two patents for industrial inventions (both recognized by the Ministry of Economic Development with no. 0000268072 and no. 0000271352). Strong leadership skills and enterprise strategy.

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