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Stay Nerd
Stay Nerd

Stay Nerd

Stay Nerd is an ensemble of minds, born with a specific purpose: providing quality information with no compromises nor any kind of influences, in order to deliver honest and free opinions about every aspect of the so called “Nerd Culture”.
A genuine movement, not affected by hype or the modern, blurry dynamics of today’s editorial market, which dares to say its opinion in the only way we know: “Loud & Clear”

Stay Nerd

Raffaele Giasi, Mariano Adamo, Pasquale Sada, Massimo Margheritini

Raffaele Giasi, Stay Nerd’s editorial director, has worked with several websites and magazines, and is best known for his bluntly style.
Pasquale Sada is the responsible for business of Stay Nerd, has a master’s degree in theater history and in 3D animation and he has a very strong passion for everything that’s new and digital.
Mariano Adamo has a deep knowledge of TV series and videogames and cannot stand the mediocrity surrounding not only the editorial market.
From their three minds and their combined experiences, and with the support of the digital and new media enthusiast, Massimo margheritini, comes Stay Nerd, an ensemble of minds who dares to describe, analyze and criticize every aspect of the so called “Nerd culture”.
A genuine and free from any kind of influences movement, whose target is to provide the best quality information, with its own, unique style: “Loud & Clear”.

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