Exhibitors 2016



Eni also this year is a Maker Faire partner with "Innovation for Energy". exhibition area. "Innovation for Energy" will show the results of a virtuous contamination between Eni research for energy efficiency and renewables and the movement of "makers". The two project areas in the exhibition:
- Digital Energy Life. Dedicated to a brand new developed area in the ICT Eni to find in-house efficient solutions to energy problems. There will be room for home automation, with a prototype dedicated to the energy saving, sustainability, with a system of cisterns that can monitor water potability and safety at work, with wearable technologies.
- Solar Driven Projects. A space dedicated to leading solar technologies developed within the Research Centre for Renewable Energy and the Environment of Novara: the luminescent solar concentrators (LSC) and organic PV panels with high flexibility (OPV). These technologies - developed along with makers and Fablabs - led to the creation of prototypes that combine the world of the Internet of Things with the improvement of everyday life.


  C21 (pav. 6) - Eni

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