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Università degli Studi del Sannio – Benevento

Università degli Studi del Sannio – Benevento

The University of Sannio main institutional aims are the promotion, organization and development of teaching, of higher education and scientific and technological research, the cultural and professional preparation of its students, the promotion in civil society of culture, scientific and technological innovation.

The University is organized in 3 Departments.

The Department of Engineering is a scientific structure aimed at the promotion, organization and management of scientific and technological research in the fields of Computer Engineering, Telecommunications, Electronic Engineering, Automatic Control Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Energy Engineering .

The Department of Science and Technology aims at representing a point of reference to the territory for the development of knowledge concerning all aspects of human, animal and plant biology and in the management and safeguarding of environmental and natural resources, and in the mitigation of geological hazard and environmental issues in particular of the Apennine peninsular.

The Department of Law, Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods covers legal, political, social, historical, philosophical, economical,and statistical sciences, mathematics, linguistics, medical and environmental sciences with the aim of promoting, coordinating and organizing multidisciplinary research activities and develop knowledge of complex human-.intensive systems.

As far as teaching is concerned, the University of Sannio has 10 Bachelors and 10 Masters, covering a large range of topic areas, including Computer Science and Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Civil Engineering, Energy, Telecommunications, Biology, Biotechnology, Geology, Low, Statistics and Economics. In addition, the University has a Doctorate program that covers three areas of expertise:
- Information Technologies for Engineering;
- Science and Technology for Environment and Health;
- Person, Market, Institutions.

Università degli Studi del Sannio – Benevento

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