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Università di Roma Tor Vergata - SIXXIGames, Captiks, Seeti, Choose

Università di Roma Tor Vergata - SIXXIGames, Captiks, Seeti, Choose

Established in 1982, the University of Rome Tor Vergata (www.uniroma2.it) is located in a 600-hectares campus in the South-east of Rome. This wealth of space has made it possible to house each School (Arts and Humanities, Sciences, Economics, Engineering, Law, and Medicine) in separate, state-of-the-art buildings. Several important Research Institutions, such ASI (the Italian Space Agency), CNR (National Research Council), INFN (Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics) are hosted within the University Campus. Thanks to the presence of further neighboring research centers (ENEA, ESA-ESRIN, The National Institute for Astrophysics, the Monte PorzioCatone Observatory), the University is the focal point of numerous interdisciplinary research themes and one of the most dynamic teaching and research complexes in the country.
The University hosts the Tor Vergata Policlinic (www.ptvonline.it/), a complex integrated Hospital-System of Care, Training and Research. The on-campus University Hospital is an extremely advanced medical structure which has become an important reference point both at regional and national level.
The University of Rome Tor Vergata is the only Italian University to be a member of the European University Association(EUA)and theYoung European Research Universities Network (YERUN), founded in January 2015 between 18 European universities under fifty years with accredited presence in the main international rankings, with the aim of promoting joint initiatives in the field of research and teaching, as well as encouraging research and teaching mobility.
We educate our students from the undergraduate to the most advanced graduate programs. Tor Vergata currently offers 112 degree courses (three-year, graduate Master’s degree, single-cycle) and 31 PhD courses together with 162 post-degree masters and 52 specialization schools.
The University takes special care in its Third Mission: educating to professional careers we deliver to society experts that might be occupied not only in academia, but also in professional or industrial enterprises. We aim to supply our students with the appropriate technical, operative and cognitive instruments to gain a leading role in the industrial, academic and professional framework. Numerous small enterprises stemming from the University research are hosted within the campus. We aim to connect our students, faculty, and alumni with community organizations and industrial enterprises.
The university hosts also the Roman Science Park, with its Incubator of spin-offs and start-ups.

The Roman Science Park promotes the objectives of innovation in the fields of research and technology. It builds and manages an integrated platform of advanced services to companies that allows universities and research centers and SMEs to build an organized system of interaction in homogeneous clusters, structured by areas of expertise, and based on cooperation procedures and shared laboratories. It manages structures used in the laboratory and spaces for technology transfer activities promoting the T0 incubator, a Hub between research and industry, aimed at creating shared laboratories and the generation of spin-out and spin in initiatives, promoting innovation as an opportunity for business growth and new entrepreneurship.
The Roman Science Park promotes Start Cup Lazio, the Business Plan Competition which is part of the National Award for Innovation, promoted by "PNICube" (Italian Association of University Incubators and Business Plan Competition), coordinating a partnership of centers research, universities, incubators and entrepreneurial and financial realities in the Lazio. The 2015 edition saw the application of more than 50 innovative projects. The winners, in addition to cash prizes, participated in the national final round of the PNI, reaching significate milestones.
This year the competition, which is just started, registered an enlargement of the partnership.
The University of Rome "Tor Vergata and the Roman Science Park support Rome's candidacy for the Olympic Games 2024. It has promoted, for this purpose, the call for ideas, with the aim of promoting the economic development of the territory facilitating creation of high-knowledge companies. The call closed last March 22, recording the application of 20 highly innovative projects.

Our commitment within the event participation is thus that of combining the activities aimed at supporting innovation with the spread of scientific culture as a result of the research for a different role of our organization.
In order to reach such purpose we intend to present, disseminate and test with the public in the form of project/prototype presentations, workshops, conferences, shows and performances several projects concerning many different scientific fields, accompanying each project in finding innovative solutions necessary for its development.
We also aim at exploring new paths or at using a “modern” approach to exploring existing ones, so that makers, thinkers and inventors of the University, working in any field of the social and cultural setting, may promote their solutions inside an international environment with a huge potential from the point of view of both social and economic development which creates and surprises with the strength of ideas turned into projects.


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