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Codemotion Kids - La scuola di tecnologia

Codemotion Kids - La scuola di tecnologia

Codemotion Kids is the first and largest school of technology in Italy for girls and boys aged 8 to 18 years. In our educational path you can find not only programming but also robotics, electronics, digital art, making and tinkering.
Since 2013, and present in 9 locations throughout Italy, Codemotion Kids has already involved only in Rome more than 1,500 children and teenagers.
Bring children to technology is the right way not to restrict them to his simple passive use, but rather to make them creators of technology.
Codemotion Kids helps the young people to express their ideas through the conscious use of technology thanks to a method based on the construction of knowledge.
Make, experience and storytelling to learn.
At the stand a lot of interactive demos to know our school and our philosophy.

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