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RACE/OFF - The real arcade experience

RACE/OFF - The real arcade experience

Miocugino has been selected among more than 100 projects with the interactive installation "RACE/OFF - the real arcade experience". It has happened in response to the "Call for Big Bang Projects", for the European edition of the Maker Faire 2016 in Rome addressed to makers, artists and visionaries. RACE/OFF is a race-event between reality and video gaming. The goal of the performance is to merge real life with augmented reality, thanks to the FPV technology (First Person View) and the individual skills of the pilots.

In a circuit of more than 200 square meters especially set up inside the Fair, visitors will be allowed to compete with racing tricycles (drift trikes) wearing FPV goggles, acquiring the images of the track from a real-time camera placed above the circuit. Ingredients: one mini-circuit full of pitfalls, racing tricycles and goggles to look at yourself from above just like in an 80's arcade game.

Race Off is a friendly competition but still a race. Participants will not be allowed to remove the goggles or peek otherwise they will be disqualified. A special board will gather the best performances and the winners of each race will be given a special digitally fabricated prize.

"We tried to represent in a single installation the different faces of Miocugino: design, analog and digital soul. We knew that the 2016 edition of Maker Faire Rome could also accommodate large installations, and we decided to bring the format Race Off ", explains Nicola Brambilla, co-founder of Miocugino and soul of the project.

"As we have often done in our past projects, we have deepened an increasingly popular technology: in this case FPV, and we experienced new fields of application," adds Marco Sorrentino, the technological heart of the group. "Through this project we can explore in a very appealing and amusing way the potential of the FPV goggles," he adds.

For the future Miocugino plans to replicate Race/Off in other spaces, in Italy or in Europe. "In this way a lot of people can try Race/Off: great enthusiasm is coming from our partners: they are already asking us to replicate the format in other locations," adds Daniele Usuelli, co-founder and CEO of Miocugino.

Race Off is organized in collaboration with:
- Vectorealism - Digital Fabrication Service for next generation designers
- Slike - Drift trike for a new emotion of sliding
- Recipient - collective specialized in projection mapping, interactive installations and motion graphics
- Marshall and Cables - music and sound effect deejay



Born in 2013, Miocugino is a new generation prototypes workshop. It is based on the principles of collaboration and open design. In addition to consulting and design activities aimed especially to designers, artists and companies, Miocugino offers prototyping services (CNC milling and 3D printing) and organizes workshop activities. Miocugino realizes mock-up as well as working prototypes, but also unique pieces for exhibitions as well as interactive installations.
Its customers: designers, architects, artists, hobbyists, small and large companies.

Our workshop, which we are proud to call “Officina di gesta e ingegno”, opened its doors in 2013 thanks to Nicola (Co-Founder & F-Hacktotum), Daniele (Co-Founder & CEO: Creative-Enthusiastic-Organizer), Marco (Electronic Geek, Human Wiki) and Francesco (Media Graphic, Comics, Ideas). In 2016 Elena, a new cousin, joined us (Public Relations & Cousins-Sitter).

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