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Poste Italiane SpA

Poste Italiane SpA

Poste Italiane and the GCSEC Foundation, in collaboration with the Postal and Communications Police, will present in the 10th Pavillion, the exhibition "Tutto sul Web", a path to awareness of the risks associated with the incorrect use of the Internet.

The exhibition is divided into three sections, in three different exhibition areas:

From wall to wall: The visitors will enter in an environment that, through panels with built-in QR Code alike the ones exposed in the award-winning traveling exhibition by the ITU (http://social-media-victims.eu), will demonstrate how since the hieroglyphics "social media" existed, and that news and the reputation of the people were already subject to public scrutiny and could be altered at will.

Your identity hanging by a thread: The second part of the exhibition shows the current threats related to the use of the internet, and the huge diffusion of social networks and what the dangers are related to information posted on social media. All that concerns us, personal and professional information, are made available to everyone, forever, with the risks that this entails. Some videos of actual cases are shown and commented by the Postal and Communications Police to better understand what are the risks of unconscious use of the internet.

Walking towards the future: The final part of the exhibition will showcase (through a multimedia installation) the future, which will see further development of the internet and an even more massive use by us, the users. Rules, tips and hints will guide us towards the correct procedures to surf the internet safely.

At the end of the exhibitions, the visitors will be able to come to terms with the app of the Cosenza Cyber ​​Security District https://quest.dcs.distrettocybersecurity.it to verify their level of preparation on computer security.

Poste Italiane SpA

  Poste Italiane SpA

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