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CRS4 Social Wall

CRS4 Social Wall

Social Wall is a large interactive wall (2.5 m high and 16 m long) with informative and entertaining applications with high visual impact that will involve the general public in a variety of activities.
The wall, as well as multi-touch, is multi-user and highly interactive: the visitors can try their hand at the same time in a number of games, both related to multimedia content and those that involve throwing things against the wall (shooting, football, etc. ).
By virtue of its features - large, multi-user and highly interactive - the Social Wall is a candidate for a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.
The project is distinguished by the use of a high number of electronic components of easy availability: 80 microcomputer (Raspberry PI 2) with camera, managed through a distributed computing platform, which, for the first time, are used in the construction of a interactive wall.
The Social Wall, customizable with different applications, is aimed at makers interested in replicating the project through the appropriate maker kit that will also be presented, for the first time ever, during the event. The open source methods and the appropriate app store, available soon, will further develop the system.
The project was carried out by the Research Programme "Social and Collaborative Environments" of the ICT-Information Society CRS4 sector.


  A2 (pav. 10) - CRS4

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