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Save - lampada fotovoltaica a concentrazione solare
Save - lampada fotovoltaica a concentrazione solare

Save - lampada fotovoltaica a concentrazione solare

Our lamp exploits an acrylic fluorescent sheet (LSC) to concentrate sunlight on high efficiency PV cells recharging a battery that provides power to a LEDs strip. The lamp’s battery recharges during the day, while, during the night, using a servo motor controlled by Arduino, the photovoltaic cells rotate back and leave their place to the LEDs strip which radiates back light through the slate edges with a beautiful high impact design style. The device can also be used just as “green” battery solar recharger.
See www.mattersofmatter.eu for more info

Save - lampada fotovoltaica a concentrazione solare

IIS Cavazzi Pavullo - Erasmus+ "MoM: matters of matter "project

IIS Cavazzi sez. Liceo Scientifico - Pavullo, is the coordinating school of the EU Erasmus+ Project MoM: matters of Matter: futurematerials in Science Education". the project focuses on innovative technologies and materials, from "smart" to sustaineable ones to IoT applications. The project main goals are: getting to know cutting edge research on Materials Science, testing materials properties within the school lab and design new applications with a makers style creative approach.
The Italian team consists of 34 students from the second and third year. Divided into smaller teams they are in charge of designing and developing different projects. This lamp is one of them, developed by 4 students of the 3rd year: Luca Poletti, Sara Orsni, Alice Pasini and Denian Errigo.

  C30 (pav. 9)
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