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Bogdan Nedelciu is a fourth-year student specializing in electronics at Ipsia F.Corridoni, Corridonia (Macerata).
Bogdan is a great lover of music and electronics, so he combined his two passions making his dream come true: to have an electronic drum kit.
The kit he built is composed of various snares, toms and cymbals associated to 12PADs managed by Arduino, using 11 analog lines and one digital line for the pedal.
Bogdan has interfaced Arduino with Processing for sound management and to create simple interactive tutorials to teach children to play the drums.


Bogdan George Nedelciu - 5E indirizzo elettronico - IPSIA F.CORRIDONI - Corridonia MC

Students from class 5E of IPSIA "F. Corridoni", Corridonia (Macerata), are keen on electronics. During school year 2015/2016 they all worked profusely to organize "Genuino Day" which took place on April 2nd at IPSIA "F. Corridoni", Corridonia (Macerata). On that occasion, a number of projects envisaging the use of Arduino were showcased.

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