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My Aquarium Hydroponics Arduino, With App
My Aquarium Hydroponics Arduino, With App

My Aquarium Hydroponics Arduino, With App

The project was created by my son of 11 years, who is making a laboratory of Experimental Robotics in G.Verga school Pontinia, I like figure Technical support teachers in this laboratory.
My son was excited last year's Maker Faire and would like to bring his work ...
He has fully Automated our aquarium, controlling moisture temperature, PH, lighting (sunrise, sunset and moon phase), and innovative thing we studied together a revolutionary of the CO2 control system .....

The real innovation, and we have interfaced with the aquarium in Hydroponic cultures, the organic substances present in the aquarium in practice are used to power the hydroponic culture .... Everything always operated by Arduino that even in this case adjusts the level of 'water by taking it from the Aquarium, the TTemperature, light, pH and oxygenation.
In this way we can get crops of vegetables, herbs and ornamental plants totally Biological biosostenibili with virtually zero environmental impact !!!!!!

My Aquarium Hydroponics Arduino, With App

Massimo e Mattia Cestra

Massimo and Automation Engineering Work for Kraft Heinz Company.
Mattia and a student of 11 years and is in love with the Coding and Arduinom

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