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Flytech - Unity of flight
Flytech - Unity of flight

Flytech - Unity of flight

The project Flytech, that understands a prototype climbs 1:1, consist in an exoskeleton endowed with an unity of flight. This exoskeleton is thought for being used in rescue efforts or emergency in which it is not possible to enter with traditional means.On the back of the structure 2 extensible arms are set through 2 gearmotors and on which are installed 2 helixes with 2 powerful motor electric of the superior total power to the 40 Hp.It deals with motor brushless. Every helix has a push statics of 60 - 70 kg.The push must be doubled considering that they are 2.The interesting characteristic of this exoskeleton is that once operated the motors it is possible to effect brief flights, once closed the mechanical arms, it is possible to stir normally walking and in this case it intervenes.

Flytech - Unity of flight

Gionatan Di Liberto

Hi to everybody.My name is Gionatan.I have 37 years .I am an impassioned of science, robotics, electronics and mechanics.I have studied all technical institute and I have graduated as tecnito of the electric industries and electronics and I have learned subjects as electronics, chemistry and physics.Later in school I had l habit to go to the technical laboratory of my father to make some practical experiment or to build some marchingegnos.From small thin to I now have always impegato it departs of my time to devote me to the creation or realization of some ideas that I held interesting. A passion that I have had is always the flight.My proget is born from the passion for the flight and for the esoscheletris for which I have wanted to unite the 2 things in an only structure.For some years I also deal with special effects and creation of costumes for the show of robotic type with various types of automation.

  C26 (pav. 5) - Gionatan Di Liberto

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