Exhibitors 2016

ELDESS - Bastone da passeggio intelligente

ELDESS is a smart walking stick made of carbon fiber that detects when the elderly holding it falls.The system automatically sends an alarm SMS to their loved ones’ mobiles. It contains a force sensor and an inertial sensor that identify the handle on the stick, the impact on the ground and its orientation in space. Sensors are connected to an Arduino nano. When the system detects a fall, the elderly’s smartphone automatically sends an emergency text message to relatives, by using of a special Android app.The message contains data relating to the localisation of the point where the fall occurred so that the elderly can be promptly helped.ELDESS is equipped with a button that can be used by the elderly to ask for immediate help

ELDESS - Bastone da passeggio intelligente

4 alunni di tre diverse quarte dell'I.Tecnico Tecnologico "E. Fermi"

We are 4 students of the fourth year of a technical school. We study computer science, telecomunications and eletronics. The idea for our smart object came from ing. Simone Valenti (from Politechnical University of Ancona) who helped us projecting and realizing ELDESS, together with our professors Enrico Alberti, Fabrizio Schiavi and Marco Traini. We presented our prototype in a world competition in Beijing and won the first prize.

  D8 (pav. 9) - IIS - ITTS "E. Fermi" - Ascoli Piceno (AP)

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