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The Enigma Project
The Enigma Project

The Enigma Project

The Enigma Project is our attempt to recreate the famous Enigma Machine using contemporary components while still remaining faithful to the concepts of the original machine. Our Enigma is a real cryptography machine, containing all the flaws and quirks of the original, while allowing the user to actually follow the encryption process and understand the steps involved. The Enigma Project is a fun way to learn and understand the basis of encryption which still apply today, more than sixty years after the original invention.

The Enigma Project

EPAL of Kissamos, Chania, Greece.

The Project was run by two teachers and a total of nine students from all grades.

- Manolis Kiagias
- Anna Agiomyrgiannaki

- Syri Kontraliou (First Grade)
- Konstantinos Mpersianis (First Grade)
- Alexis Mpalampanidis (Second Grade)
- Giorgos Popa (Second Grade)
- Giorgos Priftis (Second Grade)
- Manolis Vergerakis (Third Grade)
- Giorgos Tzanidis (Third Grade)
- Diogenis Melikidis (Third Grade)
- Vasilis Tantousian (Third Grade)

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