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The basic idea is to bring to market new types of robots , elaborating the production, they can be made simple assembled kit at an affordable price. Years ago robotics not allowed to reach the same results today, it was hardly accessible and therefore appreciated by a few. Robotics is now available to everyone .
The sale of these robotic kit is the symbol of a new frontier, a new market where, for the first time an Internet of Things starter kit (Security Robot IOT), an advanced kit and unique in its kind (ICARO Soccer Robot) are available for all.
We offer an effective way to learn electronics and computer science while having fun. With our kits we make available and spread robotics to advanced level. Our customers can benefit from custom and in-depth electronics and programming courses.
Our customers are: Schools, makers, hobbyists, Fab-Lab and professional associations.


Studenti ITIS Pacinotti-Archimede

We are Students of Pacinotti-Archimede. We deal with Robotics Competitive and Playful, we work on electronic, mechanical and the computer programming of the robot.

  B16 (pav. 9)
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