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Ener-watch, first ever pocket-sized powerbank for Apple watch and main Android smartwatches, brings light to short life of all smartwatches. Small, powerful with about 7000mah, can charge 10 times a smartwatch. It does have also an USB to charge phones, a tiny torch for using in the dark and a charge control button. Simply easy to fix to any kind of smartwatch, also for all metal band types. Ener-watch is available for android smartwatch such as Samsung S/S2, Lg g watch R and urbane, Huawei classic, Moto360 1st and 2nd edition.


Claudio Critelli

Claudio Critelli is an Italian artist and creative who works in technologies fields since 1984, when worked with argon laser holograms.Then worked for many years in photography and computer graphic projects. Created also a 25 strings guitar, a 3D electro optic projection systems, interactive and touch less systems for entertainment. he also composes music for soundtrack and build robots for entertainment.
He is always involved in avant-garde tech projects.

  C20 (pav. 7) - Claudio Critelli

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