Exhibitors 2016



The project realizes the domotic pot Pentol.ino remotely controlled by smartphone and an Arduino platform.
The idea of the project starts from the observation that the hectic pace of life sometimes
does not allow even to have time to prepare one of the most important and healthy foods of Italian culinary tradition : a good dish of pasta!
This project is an attempt to combine technological innovation with the Italian tradition giving everybody the opportunity to not give up a healthy meal benefiting in terms of quality of life and health.


I.I.S. Ferraris Brunelleschi - Empoli (FI), III B Informatica ; Pentol.ino Team

Pentol.ino Team
Loi Gabriele Arduino programmer
Di Spigno Lorenzo App creator
Vincenti Alessandro Hardware/Meccanic designer
Pertici Luca italian/English text writer
Housam El Hotmani video editor
Verdiani Matteo Website ceator
Liotino Giuseppe Logo Creator

Professor Sarli D. Rodolfo Project Leader

  D36 (pav. 9)
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