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The product presented by Mattia Fochesato and Federico Reggiani is a safe controlled remotely with a smart device (smartphone / tablet) that can control its closing and opening wirelessly. The product can be sold pre-installed, in the anti-theft system, or installed on safes already emplaced. In addition to the traditional opening / closing systems, the hardware detects tampering / intrusion and alerts the user directly via text message.
The system, intended specifically for operators in the tourism / hospitality industry specialized on business and congress, improves the protection of the personal property in hotel rooms and creates tangible benefits: ease of use, better security compared to traditional systems, flexibility, price / performance.
The simulated company, founded by the students Mattia Fochesato and Federico Reggiani for a school project IFS ("Impresa Formativa Simulata"), is aimed at the innovation and the quality / price ratio of the proposed solution.


Mattia Fochesato, Federico Reggiani

Mattia Fochesato is a student in 5AII class of ITI - Computer Science
Federico Reggiani is a student in 4AII class of ITI - Computer Science
Both are currently studing at Istituto "Carlo Anti" in Villafranca di Verona - Italy

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