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MyLux3D is a special lamp directly made from the shape of your own face. It’s one of the first examples of ibrid production between handcraft, digital manufacturing and mass production. MyLux3D works like this: connect to the official website www.mylux3d.com, take a pictures of your profile, choose the frames and the color of your lamp. Now the team creates a 3D model of the lampshade, 3D print it with safe plastic material, packs your own lamp and send it to your home.


Design for Craft

Design for Craft is a design and developing lab for tech craftsmanship that was founded in Macerata in 2012 by Carlo De Mattia, Emilio Antinori and Vincenzo Franchino. The innovative start-up was born aiming at testing out and developing manufacturing shapes, processes, production, and innovative surface treatments in the field of digital manufacturing. Since the very beginning, Design for Craft has worked following a new kind of approach to product design and halfway processes including both craftsmanship and industry, and keeping its focus on the need to confer the final product features to the 3D printed prototype. Therefore, the start-up develops world’s first new materials in the field of FDM 3D printing by launching the project Stick Filament®. This is an original type of filament that is an alternative to the typical spool and it is obtained through an injection moulding machine, which allows to produce on-demand filaments in small quantities.
Design for Craft has taken part in the Rome Maker Faire since its very first edition in 2013. The company has a very active role in most 3D printing events in Italy, not only as an exhibitor, but above all as a group, spreading specific research topics and innovative applications. The know-how we acquired over the years, the deep knowledge of processes and technological tools, and the desire to communicate a new approach to item making. This is what allows Design for Craft to work in the field of vocational and professional training, as well as bridging course and workshops, in collaboration with University, school, institutions, research centres, fablab and associations.

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